Ragtime Publications
The following ragtime compositions are available for purchase:

Op. 3 - 2 Ragtime Two Steps, Piano (9€)
"Last Train Home"
"Second-Hand Shoes"

Op. 7 - "
Let's Do It Again", Flute/Piano (8€)
            A Ragtime Two Step
            (with Anne Bornhak)

Op. 8 - "
Paula Ann", Piano (€6)
             A Ragtime Two Step

Op. 9 - "
The Cattleman", Piano (€6)
             A Texas Ragtime Two Step

Op. 10 -
"Rescue Rag", Piano (€6)
             A Ragtime Two Step

Op. 14 -
"The Concertmeister", Piano (€6)
             A Concert Rag

Op. 15 -
"Club Jugglers' Ball", Piano (€6)
             A Concert Rag

Op. 17 -
"Carolina Rose", Piano (€6)
             A Concert Rag

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          1€ is worth approximately $1.
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Waldkauz Publishing House
Wolf-Dietrich-Hφrle, Proprietor
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Brett exchanging ideas with fellow ragtime composer, Jeff Williams, in the Ragtime Store in Sedalia.

Composers need funny hats.
(Background photo by Art Stokes, Round Top, TX)