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Last Train Home
dedicated to my Grandad,
John Willis Poulter

A Rag Time Two Step
W. Brett Youens, 2001
Opus 3, No. 1

A human performance by Brett will soon appear!
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         This is the first piece of ragtime that I ever published. While composing the first strain, I couldn't help but thinking of catching the last train home.  I don't know why.  So I gave the piece that name. If I had been living in America at the time, it probably would never have occured to me to think of a "last train home", but over here in Germany, where trains are still a major mode of public transportation, it is still possible to catch - or miss - the Last Train Home.
     I tried to change the title once - probably because I couldn't think of a good reason that this piece should have anything to do with a train -  but a friend of mine couldn't accept the new title. He kept referring to the piece as
Last Train Home. Rather like when you make up a great new nickname for yourself and think it fits you perfectly, and people keep calling you by your old name. And sooner or later you stop acting like you don't know what people are referring to when they use that old name, and you give in. I gave in.