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Heliotrope Bouquet
A Rag Time Two Step

Scott Joplin & Louis Chauvin

performed by W. Brett Youens
          The story goes that Louis Chauvin, a friend of Joplin's when he was living in St. Louis, composed the first two strains of Heliotrope Bouquet, and Joplin the last two.
          Joplin, the elder of the two composers and the one with more experience in publishing music, then wrote out the score and submitted it to John Stark for publication.  It was published on September 6, 1907.
           Heliotrope Bouquet is the only Joplin rag I know that dispenses with the repeat of the first strain.  I would conjecture that this came about because of the high amount of repetition already contained within the strain itself.
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