Elite Syncopations

The music and influence
of the
King of Ragtime
Scott Joplin

W. Brett Youens, Piano
CD: Elite Syncopations - 15€ ($15)

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(photo by Art Stokes, Round Top, TX)
      This CD grew out of a concert project of mine.  In the Spring of 2003, I was asked by members of the Federation of German American Clubs if I would be willing to give a concert on the 5th of October, at a German-American Day celebration.  I was excited by the idea, and suggested that we make it a ragtime evening.  That meant, of course, that I would have to build up my ragtime repertoire.  So during the summer of 2003 I did just that.
       I prepared 17 pieces - mostly ones by Scott Joplin, but also some by his contemporaries and a few of my own - and read all the books on the subject that I could get my hands on.  In addition, as part of my preparations I gave concerts in and around my current home in Tübingen, Germany.  Then, in the last week of September, I recorded this CD.  It first went on sale at the concert on October 5th.  It is dedicated to the Federation of German-American Clubs.

by Joplin:
Maple Leaf Rag, Original Rags, The Easy Winners
The Entertainer, Gladiolus Rag, Pineapple Rag
Magnetic Rag, Sugar Cane, Weeping Willow, Solace

Joplin collaborations:
Heliotrope Bouquet, Something Doing

Additional works:
Sensation (Lamb), The Little Negro (Debussy)
Last Train Home (Youens), Second-Hand Shoes (Youens)