The Summer
of my
27th Year

Original Songs

Performed and produced by
W. Brett Youens
CD: The Summer of my 27th Year - 10 ($10)

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(photo by Art Stokes, Round Top, TX)
      I have always loved summer projects.  One summer it was golf.  Another it was tennis.  One was paneling the garage, and one was writing a computer program intended to cut my study time in half - The Youens Study Friend, from the year 1990.
       Exactly ten years later, in the summer of 2000, I had just finished my Masters.  I decided to fulfill a dream. To record an album on a digital multi-track recorder on which I played all the instruments and composed all the songs.
       So, in the summer of my 27th year, I did just that.  I bought myself just such a recorder - as my own graduation present - and went to work.  I worked on the album the whole summer before moving to Germany.  On it I sing, play piano, guitar, trombone, harmonica, various percussion instruments, and - at one especially climactic moment - frying pan (I didn't own a gong).
       Another dream of mine was to create a choir out of my own voice.  So, in the last piece on the album, you can hear a choir of 64 Bretts singing Bass, Baritone, Tenor, and countertenor.
       The album's title is a reference to the first line of John Denver's "Rocky Mountain High", a song which had great meaning for me as a child.

i'm gonna tell you (how i feel)
when every morning there you are
i'm excited (about love)
a friend in being
hey my friend
i believe (a dream could be no better)
i'm writin' a song (about writin' a song)
half the world
a window to my heart
a princess named annalee
the problem
i'm excited (about me and you)