25 Canons
24 Keys

For piano solo

A Cycle through the Keys

Composed by W. Brett Youens (Op. 1)
Performed by Andreas Jetter
CD: 25 Canons in 24 Keys - 10 ($10)

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(photo by Art Stokes, Round Top, TX)
      This piece grew out of a daily ritual of mine, which I practiced for many years: that of writing a daily canon.  In the Fall of 1996 after I had moved to Germany for a couple of years, I decided to make a bigger project out of my daily canons: a sort of Well-Tempered Clavier.
       The set goes through all of the keys and is intended to teach perfect pitch.  Each piece begins with a different note and acts as a mnemonic for "remembering" the pitch of that note.
       I was lucky enough to have had this piece "discovered" by a certain German Wunderkind, Andreas Jetter.  He was 17 at the time, and proclaimed that he would like to play the work..  His recording of it was featured on the Texas radio station  KMFA Classical Austin's show "The Basics" in a 2000 episode about contrapuntal music..
       The work has also been discovered by composer Rafael Hernandez of Indiana University.  He uses the pieces in teaching his university counterpoint class.
        25 Canons in 24 Keys is published by the Waldkauz Publishing House.  Copies of the score can also be ordered directly through me.